"Is there a Life Group in my area?" 

  • We have life groups from Lynchburg & Forest through Bedford and all the way to Vinton, so I'm sure there is one wherever you are!
  • To search thorugh the Life Groups and find the perfect group for you Click Here.

"How do I join a Life Group?"

  • You can visit one of our Life Groups and ask the group leader/host about how to get involved or you can let us know which one you would like to be a part of.
  • You can also ask to be placed in one that meets closest to your home. We want you to be a part of a community of believers that is impacting the world right where you live.

"Can I be a group leader/host?"

  • Well, answer this. Are you a Christian interested in growing in your journey with God? Are you interested in helping other people grow in their journey? Have you talked to God about it? If you answered yes, then you can do this. He has put His Spirit in you, He promised to always be with you, and He has given you a team of leaders at Bedrock who are committed to supporting you.
  • Never done this before? Previous experience in leading a group is helpful, but not required.

"What do I do as a leader/host?"

  • Your role is to guide the group, like a shepherd. You pray for the members, help them each take a role in running the group, and facilitate the weekly group meeting.

"How can I form a group?"

  • Pray and think about a friend or other couple that you could invite to help with this group. Ministry is more effective when done as a team. When there are two or more friends/couples hosting a group, the work is shared and the group will go further.
  • Invite friends (people who live in the same neighborhood, who are on the same ministry team at church, whose kids play on the same sports team, etc) to sign-up together. We will also list your group on this website.

"Where and when do we meet?"

  • Pick an evening that best suits your group. You can meet at your house or someone else's, or use a different house each week.

"What do we do with our children?"

  • Decide as a group what you want to do. Some groups don't provide any childcare, but leave their kids at home with babysitters. Other groups collect money each night to hire a childcare worker to come to the house to take care of the kids.

"What do we study in our group?"

  • The staff at Bedrock will provide you with all the materials that you will need each week. There will be books, dvd's, and devotional material for you to be able to hand out and to help facilitate discussion.

"Do I have to 'teach' every session?"

  • When using a DVD study, teaching is provided. You need to read the questions and help lead the group in discussion. You don't have to be the only one to do this. You can ask different people in the group to take turns leading the discussion. When doing other studies, the same is true. You may lead the discussion some times, while at other times encourage different members to lead.

"What kind of training and support will I receive as a group leader?"

  • Bedrock will provide several opportunities before you start and during your weekly group meetings for you to be equipped by one of the pastors. We will have some group leader meetings where you can interact with staff and other small group leaders and have an opportunity to ask any question that you may have.
  • You will have a "coach", someone who will call you weekly and ask "how's it going?" They can guide you through your questions or challenges.

"OK! I'm ready to do this. What's my next step?"