We believe that we can reach more people and more communities through our small group ministry. The small groups will meet in communities and be completely self-existent. They will do their own fellowship, teaching, accountability, leadership development, and even mission projects. Our small groups will experience life together right where they live. 

Here are the basic principles behind our small group system:

They are LEARNING groups
    This is a place where people can gather and participate in relevant bible study. There will be Bible study groups as well as affinity-based groups. We want to answer the questions that you are asking. 

They are INSPIRING groups
    This is a place where people can receive support and encouragement for the journey. They will be cheered on as they step out to attempt all that God is calling them to.

They are FELLOWSHIPPING groups
    This is a place where people can build authentic relationships and establish real community. They will be able to share burdens and be able to experience life together. 

They are EQUIPPING groups
    This is a place where people grow to become a part of something bigger than themselves. They will have opportunities to serve and do ministry together.

We have groups in every community around our church. There are groups in Bedford, Thaxton, Moneta, Big Island, Goode, Forest, and Lynchburg. Wherever you live, we have a group for you! We also have men's groups and women's groups. Check out our entire group's directory by selecting the link below!

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